TP full-flexible central drainage hose

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The central drainage system refers to the equipment that discharges the accumulated water on the floating roof to the outside of the oil tank during the operation of the outer floating roof tank. The central drainage system is the most important part of the oil tank accessories.


TP full-flexible central drainage hose consists of a single hose, that is, from the float sump connecting pipe flange to the flange at tank wall drain outlet is a whole continuous drainage hose. Its structural characteristics are as follows:


Hose structure


The hose is vulcanized from nitrile rubber, spring steel wire and polyester fiber:

A:  The outer layer of the hose is black synthetic rubber, which has good wear resistance, oil resistance and corrosion resistance.

B: Polyester fiber, wrap-around distribution ensures hose strength.

C: Two layers of spring wire wrapped around the hose to pre-deform the hose. It can conduct static electricity.

D: Polyester fiber, wrap-around distribution ensures hose strength.

E: The main material of the hose is black nitrile rubber. The nitrile rubber has good water and oil resistance and can work continuously in medium of -40℃- 100℃.

F: Stainless steel protective cover or polyester wear-resistant protective cover, free to bend and stretch, to ensure the safety of the outside of the hose.


Hose parameter list

Nominal diameterDN100DN150DN200
Min. bend radius(mm)5089141219
Design temperature(℃)-10~100-40~100-40~100
Resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons70%~100%70%~100%70%~100%
Max working pressure(Mpa)
Medium ( Internal )WaterWaterWater
Medium( External )Crude oil, refined oilCrude oil, refined oilCrude oil, refined oil
Protective outer coverPolyester/Stainless steelPolyester/Stainless steelPolyester/Stainless steel

Type of TP full-flexible central drainage hose


图片15.jpgTP DRAIN SS

Hose Production Line




TP floating roof edge fire fighting system


TP full-flexible central drainage hose data and after-sales service


The user completes the filling and return of the data sheet to determine the length of the hose and the mode of the coiling, and then the company will provide the user with drawings, instructions, forms and other information.


After sales service:

 The external floating roof tank is an important accessory for the central drainage system. The site situation is complex. Before installation, it is necessary to confirm the installation conditions. When installing, send engineers to train and guide. Check the hose condition before the tank is tested and put into production.


Hebei huayu special rubber Co., Ltd. has eight engineers with more than ten years of on-site installation experience, which can meet the requirements of different customers and ensure the smooth operation of oil tanks.

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